Zerovida Electric Eye Massager, Eye Care Instrument with Air Pressure

Eye care

About Zerovida

  • Zerovida is a manufacturer producing high quality products and providing good service to our customers worldwide. Our product covers many Health treatment products like Eye massager, Slimming and massage belt, Back massager,Neck massager ,Massage cushion ,Yoga mat and more. we’re focus on massage & yoga and dedicated to promoting each customer to enjoy a better life.

About eye massager

  • The eye massager with cordless design, portable and comfortable to wear. It relieves stress and fatigue on the eye circumference, and improves promote eye circulation. Modern design, reliable quality and pleasant health benefits make it a great gift choice. You all deserve such a relaxation companion!

Who needs a eye massager?

  • Do you feel dry eyes and eye fatigue when you look at the screen for a long time?
  • Do you often feel sleep deprivation and dark circles ?
  • Do you often feel stressed and tired?

* And now Zerovida Eye Massager is your best choice to solve these problems.

Eye care
Muiti-point Massage and Hot Compress

Zerovida eye massage owns multi-functional massage and hot compress. The eye massager has a massage therapy in eye area and the temple with a three-stage air pressure and vibration function. with the heat compress, you can relief the whole day of dry eyes and eye fatigue.

Eye care

Soothe a Day of Fatigue

You can relax anytime or anywhere, whenever morning, afternoon and evening.

There are 6 massager mode can be chosen:

Automatic mode:Air pressure + Vibration + Hot compress + Music

Clarity mode:Air pressure + Music

Dynamic mode: Air pressure + Hot compress + Music

Eye protection mode: Air pressure + Hot compress

Hypnotic mode: Hot compress + Music

Children mode: Hot compress + Air pressure + Vibration + Music (Child use)

Eye care
Touch Screen Switch, Agile and Easy to Operate

Only two button can be touched , ease to operate, just touch the switch 2 seconds ,you can open on or off . If the child (over 7 year-old) use the eye mask, you can choose the child mode.

Eye care
Fine Selection of Soft Material, More Skin-friendly

The skin care material super comfortable and anti-bacteria. It adopts Soft surface and Comfortable & Breathable Material.Soft and breathable PU lining to fit your skin perfectly, you can gently wipe the surface by soft wet cloth (or alcohol-soaked cloth if particularly dirty).

Eye care

Usb Sustainable Charging Jack ,180° Folding Portable

Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charge cable provide maximum portability.

180°Foldable & Portable

The eye massager can be folded into small size. Unique 180 degree foldable design makes the massager to storage easier, the ergonomic design also fit for most kinds of facial contours.

It is suitable for home, office and travelling.

Eye care
Product Features and Benefits
Eye care
Muiti-point Vibration and Air Pressure

Intelligent gentle vibration, air pressure help you alleviate pain, stress and puffiness around your eyes as well as relieve dry eyes, migraines and headaches effectively.

Intelligent air pressure

intelligent air pressure is generated to imitate shiatsu kneading to the ocular acupressure points accurately with a soothing rhythm, greatly relieving the muscle strain and fatigue.

Eye care
Constant Temperature Hot Compress

Suitable Temperature (37-42°C)

Gentle heat compression to stimulate blood circulation of eye area and reduce eyes strains. it provides the most comfortable heating to the skin around the eyes, doing great job to promote the blood circulation and soothe the ocular muscles, which helps to combat dry eyes, dark circles and puffiness. Steady human body comfort temperature(37-42°C) of our eye massager will relief your tired and dry eyes.It feels warm, not hot.

Eye care
Soothing Music and Connectable Bluetooth

The concert is accompanied by a massage mode, with built-in soothing music to relax your mood and help you sleep more comfortably.

If you want to enjoy your own music, you can connect your phone to Bluetooth, switch to your own music playback and control the volume.

Eye care